Cre8ing ideas in the workplace

Today’s workplaces need to be versatile, with spaces designed to suit different ways of working – a world away from the vast open-plan spaces which dominated the office sector a decade ago. It’s not all about headline-grabbing slides, pool tables and other gimmicks, but by simply providing distinct areas where staff can work either individually or as part of a small team, can help office staff think more creatively and work more productively.

Here are just a few ways in which carefully considered workspace design can help with #Cre8ingIdeas at work.

Breakout areas

Sometimes a change of scene is all it takes to get your creativity flowing and for inspiration to come to you. Providing dedicated breakout areas within an office building, where employees can work in a different place, away from their usual desk environment, is an ideal way to help boost creative thinking. With room for several colleagues to brainstorm together, breakout areas also allow for a more collaborative style of working or for informal meetings.

The clear benefits of providing breakout areas away from the day-to-day desk space has ensured that they’ve fast become a staple of modern office design. While we’ve delivered numerous breakout areas, there’s no formula for the perfect design – it’s got to work for the particular office environment it’s in – but comfortable seating is a must. Some breakout areas we’ve created include bench seating with deliberately high seat backs, to act as a barrier to distractions from the rest of the workspace.

Breakout areas for informal meetings


Meeting rooms

This has long been a central requirement of most offices but the typical boardroom-style has changed in recent years to encourage employees to think outside the box during meetings. Modern office meeting room layouts and seating can also be much more informal with benching with cushions or beanbags creating a relaxed space.

Clever use of colour is another excellent way to help inspire creative thinking. A bright, bold colour scheme will set the scene and help those in the meeting room adopt a positive attitude to come up with new ideas. We’ve worked on several projects where clients are looking to create a series of colourful and differently-themed meeting rooms within the same office to create a fun space.


Individual work spaces

Without doubt, the key to the success of a contemporary office space is flexibility with different areas to suit different working styles a must. And while open-plan layouts remain popular for offices, the need for individual workspaces, offering staff a place to work quietly away from the general noise of the office, has become apparent.

Such spaces generally adopt a more toned down and neutral colour palate to create a calming area to work in. As well as an individual chair and table, often a high standing desk with a bar-stool for greater flexibility, such spaces work particularly well with acoustic panels and inset USB points and plug sockets chargers.

Individual workspace


Whatever your working style, we’ve got the solution that’s the right fit for you. Take a look at our latest projects to see for yourself how we can help create ideas.

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