Join the party as we celebrate the art of joinery this year

Joinery has always been at the very heart of our business so it’ll come as no surprise that it’s something we’re all passionate about here at Cre8 Joinery Solutions.

This year we wanted to take time to celebrate all things joinery and shine a spotlight on our skilled team and the beautifully bespoke projects we’ve created for our many clients over the last two decades – all crafted to meet the individual requirements of each brief.

Can’t see the wood for the trees – exploring different finishes

Wood is, as you’d expect, one of our most frequently used materials and its versatility makes it ideal both as a strong supporting act behind the scenes and as the main focal point of a space. Whatever part it needs to play in a project, there are a multitude of different options to choose from including hardwood, softwood, multilaminar wood veneer, real wood veneer and engineered veneers which all bring something different to the table. What’s more, no two trees are the same with each having its own distinct woodgrain pattern – even two trees of the same species will naturally vary from each other.

We like to bring out the natural patterns of the woodgrain, especially when it is going to be the main focal point of a design. Considering how the woodgrain should appear on the finished product affects everything from way the timber is cut and processed to the way it’s crafted to form a wall panel, reception desk, bench or something else. And as well as different natural wood colours and woodgrain patterns, staining or dying wood opens up yet more design possibilities. The right stain will enhance the woodgrain while creating a colour base to complement the rest of the design and we can trial different stains to pinpoint the perfect shade.

Traditionally joinery was achieved by joining wood together (which is where the term ‘joinery’ comes from), and while this is still the case, over time the process has evolved a great deal. Today’s modern technology has revolutionised joinery with machinery like our new CNC machine, allowing us to manufacture more sustainably with less material waste. But the traditional art and craftmanship of joinery is still central to everything we produce, even if the tools and process have changed over the years.

Putting our people and projects in the picture  

Our people are what makes us. Our skilled and passionate team of craftsmen in our factory and joiners out on site bring our client’s design visions to life.

From our newest recruit, 20-year-old apprentice Joseph to those who have worked with us almost since we began more than two decades ago – we all share the same passion for joinery.

Our collective passion for creating high quality joinery and fit-outs is what drives us. Although some of the joinery techniques we practice have been used around the globe for hundreds if not thousands of years, we’re always looking for new techniques, materials and finishes which we can incorporate into our projects alongside traditional aspects. Whether that’s going to special marine training to learn about the art of working with rope or working with sustainable timbers as well as alternative environmentally-friendly materials, we’re always honing our craft as a team to develop our offering.

We want to share our passion for joinery with you so we’ll be #Celebr8ingJoinery all year on our social media channels – LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

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